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The Chimera Chronicles

From the zoonotic realm Riot Act Industries presents a series of collectible hardcover journals wrapped in exquisite works of art known only as the Chimera Chronicles.  Once you crack open these cream-colored pages you'll find yourself arrested by some muse to record your whimsical thoughts and immortal wisdom.

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(Hanged for his crimes, may his soul find rest from his madness)     

      "It feels as it were a dream now...
      After traversing a shaggy hedge obscuring a dark, ancient cave, I found myself in the parallel zoonotic world populated by Chimera. Though beset with such angst and awe at the spectacle, I tarried a fortnight that I might serve as witness to this aberrant world. The beasts seemed to regard me as little more than a tedious interloper. I was often chided with the rebuke, "Commission a portrait -- t'will last longer."  After some impetuity on my part, I immersed myself in their social life, that I might feast on the dalliances of this society.

      Having gained the reputation of one who couldn't manage his liquor, I found myself the target of a campaign that would invite me to leave the zoonotic realm. Fully expecting that no one would believe this fanciful adventure I had taken up the  mantle of art thief. Under cover of night I liberated as many works of art from the mansions and manors of the upper-crust chimera and secreted them in an abandoned bird sanctuary.

      It was at the dinner party for Lady Shagggems, that the slick harlot if ever there was one, set to unpants me and have her way in the servants quarters while the rest of the guests resigned to the smoking parlor. Being that I was three sheets to the wind and quite compromised, I surrendered to the devilry, where upon Lord Tuppersnuffs, the great Twelve Point Stag chimera happened upon the scene.

       With hoof in mouth, my pride was dashed across the tapestries.

       It was a disgrace! 

      And with that the campaign had all the reason it needed to banish me. I was therefore expeditiously extricated from their realm.

     But not without having secreted away my collection of art.

     T'was only upon returning to our human realm that I learned of the murder of my downstairs neighbor, Miss Abernathy, the nasty,  gossipy hag. And I -- with no alibi for my whereabouts other than this collection of paintings. So here I  find myself in this predicament, having to auction off these works of chimeric art that I might raise the defense fund to prove my innocence. 

     Please consider purchasing for yourself these modest journals of exquisite beauty as the proceeds will go to a noble cause.

     Should you find yourself venturing through the zoonotic realm, take this journal with you to chronicle the many spectacles and horrors that await you. And if the Chimera happen to ask if you know me, it's probably best you deny our acquaintance - especially to Lord Tuppersnuffs."


Hudson Cavalier

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