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"This is the book for you. It's the best book on story structure and outlining I've ever read. Detailed. Thorough. Easy to understand. Everything Adam. I can't recommend this enough."

                                       -Bob Saenz

                                       Screenwriter and Author 


STORY by Numbers
by Adam Skelter

So you’ve got this script or this novel you’re working on.
Is it good? How do you know?

Does it have fully dimensional characters and a plot that digs up their demons and forces them into a reckoning?

STORY BY NUMBERS is a step-by-step deep dive into structure that will take your story from an underdeveloped storm of “cool ideas,” to a slick, compelling work with fully dimensional characters. It uses the protagonist’s inner conflict as the guide to developing plot points and meaningful conflicts. It takes an irreverent, hands-on approach to story and character development in three parts:

  • Part One tackles the infamous 4 Act, 8 Sequence, 24 Plot Point structure presented in the Anatomy of Chaos Series.

  • Part Two is a 35 Question guide to interrogating your story and organizing it into a compelling structure.

  • Part Three is next level, dope shit to think about as you’re developing your stories.

STORY BY NUMBERS guides you through a vivisection of your story and helps you find ways to trim the unnecessary stuff, while fleshing out one dimensional characters.

Adam Skelter has worked in film, tv, games, and publishing as a writer, author, story and concept artist for over 15 years for both major an independent studios. Along with in depth interviews and discussion like Film Courage, and a YouTube video series The Art of Story, Adam has also taught story development at Calarts and the USC Screenwriting Program.

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"Story By The Numbers is wonderfully comprehensive. It includes the content from Skelter’s first book plus much more. I highly recommend this fun to read, helpful instructional material to screenwriters at any level, and to novelists as well. I expect to be referring to it again and again.”                 

                                      -Toni Ann Johnson

Humanitas Prize-winning Screenwriter for 

Ruby Bridges and Crown Heights, Winner of the 2021 Flannery O’Connor Award for short fiction with

her linked-collection Light Skin Gone to Waste

"Guidance from above, a transformative experience. And great visuals as well.."

                                          -Johny Lamb

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by Adam Skelter

This workbook is a companion to Story By Numbers - a book for writers to outline their story and develop their characters.
Use this in plotting your story while referencing Story By Numbers.
This is intended for writers and authors developing novels, screenplays, pilots, comics, and games.
This workbook is a practical, hands-on effort to help writers struggling to structure and
construct stories and characters with depth and meaning.


"Thank you. This helped my script... It took 2 years for me to completely finish it. I will keep using this in the future."

                              -Retro Entertainment

“Storytelling is the most powerful artform in the universe and THIS BOOK tells you how to do it right. Adam’s book teaches story as only a great storyteller could do it. Incredibly warm and funny while disguising the cold hard information that helps you become better storyteller. I really enjoyed the book.”

                                          -Justin Rasch - Director, Screenwriter, Animator


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